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Eyelash Jewelry – the Next Crazy Trend?

There have been a lot of bizarre fashion trends in the past few years (leopard-print lip transfers, anyone?).  Ok, maybe trends is not the right word, but the more bold among us have been seen wearing some, shall we say, interesting things.  You can find jewelry for pretty much every part of the human body now.  Just when you thought we had it all covered, along comes eyelash jewelry.  We’re not talking glittery false eyelashes here or small beads, but full blown neon feathers, fruits, stilettos (??), candy corn and even baby farm animals (yes, you read that right).

Take a look at some of these offerings from this Eyelash Jewelry Etsy shop!

I have to wonder, is it hard to keep your eyes open with these on?  I mean my eyelids get droopy just from me being awake, nevermind being adorned with jewelry.  Do they ever fall down and poke you in the eye or blow away in the wind?  If you lean in to kiss your significant other, will you take their eye out?

According to the Eyelash Jewelry shop:

Eyelash jewelry is made by hand-weaving tiny glass beads onto ultra thin wire. This creates a light-weight, flexible band that can be formed to the shape of any eye. Simply bend the jewelry into the proper shape, apply a thin layer of adhesive, and press it directly above your eyelashes.

Some of them are kind of cute, in a costume-y sort of way.  I can think of some cool party costume ideas for these.  Maybe that is all they are meant to be.  What do you think, is this the next big trend?  Is the world ready for Candy Corn Eyelash Jewelry?

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