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Chia Seed Nutritional Information

This is a very interesting chart comparing chia seed to various other healthy foods.  Chia is truly an amazing food that is packed full of nutrients.  Some of the surprising comparisons are the amount of calcium in chia compared to whole milk, the amount of potassium compared to bananas, and the amount of Omega-3 in chia compared to fish.  Take a look and try to incorporate chia into your diet!

Chart comparing chia seed to other foods

Here’s a quick tip on how you can easily get a couple of tablespoons per day into your diet.  If you drink shakes or smoothies, just add a tablespoon and let it sit for 5 minutes after blending.  Another thing you can try is mixing a tablespoon in with your yogurt, or adding it to your oatmeal.

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Do you have any other ways that you use chia seed?  Share with us below!

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  1. I eat chia seeds in the morning for my cereal – I put a couple of teaspoons in a bowl with an equal amount of hemp hearts, add some dried cranberries, and pour some milk over it. I usually let it sit for about 5 minutes and then eat it. It’s delicious!

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