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Quick Ways to Use Ripe Avocados

Sliced Avocado HalfAvocados are another food that people should incorporate into their diet more often (Click here to read our previous post about chia seed).  Avocados contain protein (all 18 essential amino acids) and lots of fiber.  Many people think that because they are high in fats they are not good for you, but this is wrong! They are high in beneficial fats and boost levels of HDL – the good cholesterol.  These healthy fats are shown to improve heart health and protect against heart disease.  They also contain many other vitamins and nutrients which are essential for health.

Today as I was trying to figure out what to prepare for lunch, I remembered that I have 5 ripe avocados ready to be eaten.  I usually use them in guacamole or other Mexican-type dishes, but didn’t have time today to do a bunch of cooking, so I was searching for other ways to eat avocados.  I found a couple of great videos with some good (and interesting) tips on ways to use ripe avocados.  Here they are:

5 quick ways to use ripe avocados

Avocado banana smoothie – this looks interesting.  I have to admit I have never tried it, but will make one tomorrow and will let you know how it turned out in the comments.

Do you have a favorite way to incorporate avocados into your meals?  Let us know about it below!

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