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Three Tasty Quinoa Recipes

cooked-quinoaA lot of people have heard all about how wonderful quinoa is, but when they taste it they are less than impressed. While quinoa itself is actually not that flavorful, some people find that it has a slight bitter taste. Others say that it is slightly nutty.  Some are disappointed that it doesn’t have any great flavor, and so they decide it’s not for them.  In reality, if you like rice, you should like quinoa!  If you know what to expect with quinoa, then it becomes very easy to incorporate it into your diet.

One very important thing to note is that you should always rinse quinoa before you cook it. Rinsing will get rid of the oils that are on the seed which may sometimes cause a slight bitter taste. Another tip is just to use quinoa anywhere you might otherwise use rice. Since it isn’t the most flavorful food in the world, it is extremely versatile. You can use it in place of rice under chili, or you can use it in a sweet rice-pudding-like dessert. I like to put quinoa into my soups for an extra healthy boost! While there are endless possibilities in adding it to your diet, we have gathered a few videos with some delicious recipes to help you get started in adding quinoa to your diet:

Quinoa salad

Pork-fried quinoa

Quinoa and black beans

These all look delicious!  If you have never tried this yummy superfood, give one of these recipes a try, or just try it once with a dish where you would normally use rice.  You just might love it!

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