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10 Cheap or Free Winter Fun Ideas

winter-funIt’s after Christmas, the bills are due and it’s cold outside… If you have kids at home, they are probably bored and getting antsy for Spring. If you don’t have kids, YOU are likely getting antsy for Spring. Here are some ideas for fun you can have while it’s still winter that won’t cost a thing! Maybe it will be ok if winter lasts just a little bit longer…

  1. Go on an ice cube treasure hunt. Color ice cubes different colors, and bury them in the snow in a designated area. You can then spend hours uncovering them with your family and/or friends!
  2. Tobogganing may be an obvious one, but it’s definitely worth the effort! Find a hill and bundle up for a speedy good time!
  3. Light a fire in the snow (if it’s permitted). Find some extra dry kindling and wood and get a nice fire going. If you light it on top of some deeper snow, you will have fun watching it slowly sink into the snow. Maybe roast some hotdogs and marshmallows and make smores!
  4. How about building the ultimate snow fort? Don’t be fooled – this is great fun for adults as well as kids! It’s amazing how much fun you can have building it as big and as deep as you can. It’s also amazing how you’ll feel like a kid again while enjoying just being in the fort!
  5. Build snow forts and have a good old fashioned snowball fight!
  6. Have fun with graffiti – ok not really, but find a few spray bottles, fill them with colored water and spray the snow. Your designs can be as simple or as intricate as you like!
  7. Can you borrow (or even make!) some snowshoes from someone and learn a new skill?
  8. Make a birdfeeder for some new birdie friends.
  9. Do you know anyone with an outdoor hot tub? One of our favorite things to do on a cold winter’s day was to just soak in the hot tub (especially after dark, and look at the night sky). The kids would just love jumping out, rolling in the snow then racing back to the hot tub.
  10. Grab your camera and head out with the family to take pictures of winter scenery.  You can get some amazing shots in the winter!

If you use your imagination, you’ll find many other things that you can do, even on those cold gloomy days. Nothing cheers a family up like getting outside and having some fun.  Just remember the hot chocolate!

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