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Kid History – Funny Short Movies

kidhistoryBored?? Check out Bored Shorts TV at Bored Shorts TV are the producers of “Kid History” – short, but extremely funny clips of adults acting out (and lip-syncing) family stories being narrated by their kids. The stories are told from the kids’ perspectives, and are usually wildly unbelievable. Yet, they are all based on true family stories. The lip-syncing is so good, that it seems like the adults actually have kids’ voices, and are really saying and doing the things that the kids are describing.

Kid History is fun because it appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our kids can’t get enough of it – and they love to share it with company whenever we have visitors. Because it’s squeaky clean, it’s great entertainment for families. But adults love it too! Who can’t help cracking up when a kid says something super-cute or hilarious? It’s non-stop fun with Kid History, and the antics of the kids behind the scenes.

The beginning of Kid History is described in the Brigham Young University newspaper “The Digital Universe”.

Kid History first began when Randy Roberts, then finishing dental school at New York University, decided to enter the Lingo Film Festival in New York. He was determined to win, so he enlisted his brothers John and Brett, as well as his NYU roommate, Richard Sharrah, to help.

‘It was my last year out there and I wanted to do something that I thought would for sure win,’ said Randy Roberts, who now has his own dental practice in Taylorsville. ‘I had the idea for Kid History and I brought it to Utah to have my brothers and Richard help throw it together.’

The film ended up winning in the festival, but more importantly, it gained a quick following on YouTube, with more than 800,000 views in the first three days.

Each episode of Kid History depicts an actual even in the lives of the Roberts’ brothers. To produce the episode is a lot of work, and many different steps. First, the brothers will share a family story with their children. Next, they film the kids who are telling the story back to them. Then it takes many hours to go through what they have filmed and compile it into an actual story that they can act out. Usually, what the kids tell back is a mixture of the actual story, embellishments, and random things that have absolutely nothing to do with the story. Finally, they need to practice timing the lip-synching, and film the episode.

’It takes a few shots to get the lip-syncing just right,’ Brett Roberts said. ‘There’s a part in Episode 6 where John and Richard are lip-syncing over each other for 27 seconds without stopping. That is hard to do. We almost didn’t attempt that because of the difficulty, but they pulled it off perfectly.’

Yes, they seem to always pull it off perfectly. The end result is 5-8 minutes of clean, hilarious comedy that is sure to keep you smiling all day, and have you saying things like, “Don’t hit me in the face with a bike!!!”

If you’ve never watched Kid History before, here’s a good one to get you started.


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