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Running Plan for Beginners

If you are a beginning or non-runner and are looking to get started, then it is very important to follow some kind of a plan to make sure you aren’t trying to do to much, too quickly.  Often beginning runners will jump right in and start going too fast or too far, leading to the inevitable running injuries.  By sticking to a structured plan and increasing your mileage slowly, you greatly reduce the likelihood of injuring yourself.  We also find that having a running plan helps to keep you motivated.

Here’s an image we created of a great running plan for beginners.  It is an 8 week plan where you run/walk for approximately 30 minutes, 4 times per week.  By the end of the 8 week plan you will be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop.  What an accomplishment!  Feel free to print this or stick it on your computer or tablet, and then get running!

8 week running plan for beginners

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  1. […] I may have mentioned one of my goals for 2013 is to run [not walk] some 5k’s.  Not just one 5k but to kind of become a regular 5k doer.  Well, it’s May and aside from some small efforts, I really haven’t made much progress in that goal.  After talking it over with a friend of mine and my husband, I decided the only way to get motivated for this goal of mine is to actually sign up for some 5k’s.  By doing that, I’ll have actual deadlines and more a tangible goal rather than just some day before this year is over I want to do it. SO…I’m signing up for the Color Me Rad 5k in June and the Foam Fest in August.  I’m so excited to actually be doing something and I’m on day 3 of my plan that I got from […]

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