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Teach Children to Read with ClickN Read Phonics

Did you know that approximately 40% of students in 3rd grade are reading below grade level?  As children move to higher grades, their ability to read and comprehend what they are reading becomes more and more important.  You can give your child a head start and set them up for success in school by teaching them to read early.  There are many websites out there that promise to help teach your young children how to read.  One that is consistently praised and has received numerous awards is the ClickN Kids  ClickN Read phonics program.

ClickN READ Phonics teaches the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics curriculum taught at USA public schools through 100 interactive cartoon animated online phonics lessons. Any child can learn English, and learn to read correctly, in a phonics game-like environment that is great fun and easy to use.

You can be assured that you are purchasing the world’s most effective reading program because the research based phonics curriculum is designed by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson. All other learn to read programs are simply toys when compared to ClickN READ Phonics.

Our phonics program is designed for children as young as 4 years old learning to read English for the first time, older children struggling to learn to read, learning disabled children and even adults learning English as a second language.

clicknkidsClickN Read comes with a number of modules for varying reading abilities.  This is a brief summary of some of their features, but for more detailed information you should visit the website (link at the bottom of this page).  Beginning with the Letter Sound Chamber, your child learns phonics sounds through over 100 interactive lessons.  The Listening Cube teaches your child how these phonics sounds are used in the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words.  In the Reading Room, children can take these new skills and incorporate them into new words.  Your child will learn how to read complete words and progress to reading sentences through a number of lessons and exercises.  Finally, the Speed Chamber is a module in which children can practice and perfect the skills they have learned.

One of the features which I really like about this program is the reporting.  After every lesson that your child completes, a report is generated and saved in your account.  It gives you information about your child’s progress such as which particular sounds they are having trouble with.  There are also additional reports which you can compare to other users average scores to know what areas your child needs to improve on.

The pricing for the ClickN Read Phonics program is very reasonable – just $19.95 for lifetime use.  They also offer Looney Tunes Phonics and ClickN Spell programs.  Since it is web-based, it can be used on any PC, Mac, or even an iPad.  They offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

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