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Teach Your Children to Cook With Spatulatta

spatulattaIt’s never too early to start teaching your children how to cook.  When they are older they (and you) will be very glad if they have learned even the most basic of cooking skills.

Spatulatta is a great place to start your children working on their cooking skills.  They can start with simple recipes and work their way up to full meals.  By visiting the Basic Skills page, they can find videos that will teach them the essentials of cooking such as how to prepare to cook, chopping vegetables, boiling eggs, weights and measures, and more.  Once your child has learned these basic cooking skills they can start preparing simple recipes.  As their skill level and confidence grows they can move up to more advanced recipes and create meals for the whole family.

Spatulatta features over 350 step-by-step video recipes that are kid friendly.  You can search recipes by their main ingredients, by cuisine, and even find recipes for special occasions such as Easter or Valentine’s Day.  There are also a number of creative “featured” recipes that your children are guaranteed to love.  Your children can also go to the Recipe Box, choose a meal, a holiday, an ingredient, or a cuisine and search for recipes to make for the family.

The fun doesn’t end with cooking! You can also find numerous videos of fun decorating or craft projects for the kitchen.  They also have a store where you can buy the Spatulatta cookbook, cookie cutters, cooking supplies, and more.  Teaching children how to cook is something that all parents should do and Spatulatta is a great place to start.

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