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30 Mommy Shops In 30 Days

When you go online to do some shopping, do you immediately head for the big retail sites like Amazon? They may have a huge selection, but you could be missing out on some unique items and amazing deals by sticking to the big guys.  With that in mind, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite small online “mommy” retailers.  Most of these are small home-based businesses that are run by moms (and dads), and the majority of them create their own products.  From homemade jewelry to clothing and accessories to candles and more, there truly are some fabulous purchases to be made!  We will be featuring one new “mommy shop” each day for the next 30 days.

ellabellahairclippiesFirst up is Ella Bella Hair Clippies. All parents of little girls know how fun it is to dress them up! Today there are so many cute outfits and accessories for little girls. Being the mother of 3 girls, I’ve always loved finding the cutest things for them to wear. But I have also learned that especially where hair accessories are concerned, it’s really hard to find the perfect clip or barrette that will go easily in the hair of a squirmy little girl, and then stay put comfortably! That’s why I was so excited to find the Ella Bella Hair Clippies website –

First of all, Ella Bella Hair Clippies has a gorgeous selection of hair clips, headbands, bows, novelties, and the most adorable cupcake hats! There are several different categories of hair accessories, and the site is fun to browse! Their products are a superior quality, with everything a parent is looking for in a hair accessory that will go in and stay in easily.

Our adorable clippies are handcrafted with love and packaged in our beautiful organza bag. Most of our clippies are lined with our super soft material imported from Switzerland that won’t ‘ouch’ your little ones. We’ve also added several new base clippies using grosgrain, backing covered or exposed, and more importantly, a new feature to all our clippies that will provide that extra grip for a super hold. We call it the ‘hold it’ grippy…

Their prices are reasonable, and they offer free shipping on orders over $25. If you have a little girl in your life, then you’ll definitely want to check out Ella Bella Hair Clippies! PLUS they have a convenient Clippy of the Month Club, for those who want to get the newest creations delivered at a discount!  When you join the Clippy of the Month Club you will receive a different clippy each month, or if purchased as a gift for someone else, they will receive a membership card and a note about your special gift. Each month, one of the newest designs will be sent to you, or your friend, packaged in a beautiful organza bag. If the clippy is for a baby, the clippies sent each month will automatically progress from baby snap clips to alligator clips as the little one grows. You’ll save 25% on the Clippy of the Month Club – a super convenient way to get new and exciting hair accessories for your favorite little girl!

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