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Beautiful Jewelry at Affordable Prices

tanojewelryFinally, here’s a mommy website that is actually for the mommy! While it’s certainly fun to shop for cute and stylish accessories for your little ones, it’s especially fun to shop for these items for yourself. At Tano Jewelry you will find affordable, yet elegant fashion jewelry.

Tano Jewelry offers a nice selection of jewelry and headbands that are elegant and stylish, as seen in Hollywood, at a fraction of the cost. In browsing their website, I found a huge variety of fashion accessories in just about any style you can imagine. In each category there are a number of sub-categories so that you can find something that fits your style exactly. For example, under headbands, you can choose to further narrow the category by scarf headbands, double headbands, skinny headbands, designer headbands…The celebrity jewelry category is particularly helpful for those who admire the fashion of today’s hottest celebrities. You can select your favorite celebrity, and view photos of her wearing different accessories, and then order one just like it for yourself – but with the bonus of not having to pay an extravagant cost.

Tano Jewelry describes their site:

Welcome to Tano Jewelry, the most affordable online boutique for Fashion Jewelry, Headbands and Wholesale Fashion Jewelry. Our mission in life is to provide our shopping fashionistas with the latest celebrity inspired fashion jewelry at the most affordable prices. Over the past 10 years, celebrity fashion jewelry has found its niche in Hollywood and the Fashion World. Cost conscious fashionistas are popping up everywhere and why not? You can look stunning in similar fashion jewelry that celebrities wear for a tenth of the price. Tano Fashionistas don’t need a personal stylist or a thousand dollar bankroll to look beautiful.

Another neat feature of the Tano Jewelry website is the blog. You can find different ways to wear the accessories that they sell in different posts that give you instructions on how to incorporate them into your hairstyle or wardrobe, with examples of celebrities wearing these items.

Tano Jewelry is a nice site by mommys, FOR mommys who sometimes just need to think about themselves for a moment…

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