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Tiny Dimples Baby and Kids Clothing and Accessories

tinydimplesTiny Dimples is a super cute mommy owned online shop. Unlike some other online stores for babies that seem a bit “over the top”, in my opinion, this store has the perfect balance of cuteness and fashion.  There is a nice selection if items for babies on up to preschoolers.

Tiny Dimples has everything you need if you are looking to create a fairytale nursery. You’ll find furniture that grows with your baby, bedding, décor and more. Something new and exciting that I’ve never seen before is their selection of “potty chairs”. Although my kids are past potty-training age, I can just imagine how much easier it would have been with one of these beautiful chairs – any little one would be thrilled to try it out, and feel special when using one. They are also quite reasonably priced (all between $70 and $80), considering the details and craftsmanship.

The kids’ clothing section is also fabulous, with pajamas, dresses, boys’ clothing, and my favorite – the hats. Some of the cutest ones include a baby aviator hat and a candy corn hat, not to mention the completely adorable collection of knitted animal hats. In fact, I’m hoping that someone I know has a baby soon so that I can go back and do some serious shopping on their site.

Another nice section on the Tiny Dimples website is the gift section, where you can find a variety of gift baskets for baby, as well as gifts for Mom, Dad and siblings.

One last feature that I appreciated was the ability to shop by product category, or by theme. So, you could shop for baby clothing, furniture, or you could shop for “bunny” products, or “fairy tale”. “It’s child’s play to design a room using the kids bedroom themes page at Tiny Dimples!”

All in all, Tiny Dimples is definitely one of my favorite Mommy shopping websites, and I will be back!

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